Time is now, today is the day.

We, creatures made of time, are getting organized to be masters of our future. MAR ABIERTO represents a day by means of a digitally generated, large format animated sea, living and evolving as time goes by.

A day is only 1440 minutes long. Each holder, like waterdrops in a fragmented wide ocean, builds together this community and this peculiar clock,only visible when properly arranged. Every minute is precious and unique, and some of them will really shine. The voyage begins here, and sailing will take us to exciting rewards and real-time utilities.

Life comes from the sea. Under the surface all is movement and a world of possibilities. CroonosLAB works on the conceptualization and representation of time. We are creating a new time ecosystem. Like us, time does not stop. Keep moving back and forth in our time.

MAR ABIERTO is a digital art collection and an opportunity to join an innovative and experienced community of creators, developers, business industry leaders and visual artists with a shared passion for humanities, finance and technology.

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